Airport Service Quality Survey

The Airport Service Quality (ASQ) survey is run by Airports Council International and has over 270 participating airports in over 70 countries.It is the world’s largest managed airport quality of service program.

The ASQ results are statistically significant due to the rigorous methodology employed by ASQ, including:

  • Surveys are administered at the departure gate
  • ASQ provide a specific number of surveys to be completed fore ach flight on the Darwin schedule
  • At least 350 surveys must be completed each quarter
  • Surveys are staged across the quarter, month and every day of the week to ensure a spread of weeks for survey returns.

Airports that are members of the ASQ system vary in what they publish. Darwin International Airport has decided to publish all results. ASQ rules allow us to publish only our own results, so published benchmarking with other Australian airports is not permitted.

The published results are divided into two sections:

  • Those items/services that the Airport has control or significant influence over
  • Those items/services that the Airport has no control or limited influence over

Darwin International Airport joined the ASQ program in the 2ndquarter 2011 (Q2 2011). It publishes the previous four quarters of results.

Darwin International Airport's ASQ Survey results