Privacy policy

This Privacy Policy describes how Darwin International Airport Pty Ltd (DIA) handles personal information in its possession or control.

DIA is committed to protecting your privacy while interacting with our content on this website, using our services or visiting our Airport.

DIA is committed to protecting your personal information in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles set out in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to tell you what kind of information we may gather about you, how we may use that information, whether we disclose it to anyone and the choices you have regarding our use of, and your ability to correct this information.

What personal information do we collect?

The type of information collected by DIA will depend on your relationship with the company and information required by law.

Personal information we collect about you in general dealings could include:
• Your name, address, telephone numbers, date of birth, employment details, flight details and your driver’s licence number.
• A recording of your image on Closed Circuit Television (CCTV).
• A recording of your voice from calls to certain airport operations or security telephone lines.

In the case of matters relating to security or airfield operations - for example, applications for an Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC), Visitor Identification Card (VIC) or other forms of identification card or an Authority to Drive Airside (ADA) at DIA - we may collect additional personal information in order to manage and administer our business systems and comply with our legislative obligations. This information includes:
• Your place of birth, country of citizenship and gender.
• Your photograph.
• In the case of applications for an ASIC or other form of identification card, your previous residential addresses for the last 10 years, details of previous criminal offences, details of any pending prosecutions, and information provided to us by relevant government agencies (such as the outcome of criminal records checks, security assessments and immigration checks).

In the case of retail and marketing related matters, we might collect additional personal information such as:
• Your preferences concerning types of products or services.
• The frequency of use of certain types of products or services.
• The methods, purpose and frequency of travel.
• Your preferred destinations.
• Your income demographics.

When visiting our website we may automatically record details about any computer used to access our website. This may include the IP address, domain name, browser type, the date and the time of access and details of the information downloaded. These details are not capable of identifying you and are used solely for statistical analysis and research on usage patterns to improve this website.

How do we collect information?

Personal information will normally be collected directly from you when you deal with us by telephone, by correspondence through a letter, fax or e-mail, via our website, by making an application for an ASIC, VIC, ADA or other form of identification card, or through direct face-to-face contact.

Other ways in which we collect personal information include:
• Through the use of ‘cookies’ on our website. A cookie is a very small text file which is stored on your computer’s hard drive when you first visit our website. This information may be used to identify repeat visitors to our website and areas of interest on our website. Should you be concerned about cookies, you can set your browser to refuse cookies or alert you to the fact that cookies are being used.
• Where you access any of our retail products or services.
• Recording your image from CCTV taken on DIA’s premises. DIA uses CCTV for ongoing crime prevention, aviation safety, airport security and operational purposes.
• Through recording calls to certain airport operations and security telephone lines for security and/or safety purposes.

There may be occasions when we collect personal information about you from a third party, such as:
• A service provider.
• A customer airline or retail outlet.
• In relation to security matters, a government department, body or law-enforcement agency.
• A publicly available source.

Where DIA collects personal information about you from a third person, we will take reasonable steps to ensure that you are aware that we have the information and that it will be handled in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

What if you refuse to supply information?

Generally speaking, you are not obliged to provide us with personal information. However, failure to do so may mean that we are unable to transact business with you, process any application for the issue of an authority, licence, pass or permit, or provide you with an appropriate level of service.

Opting in or out

At the point we collect information from you, you may be asked to “opt in” to consent to us using or disclosing your personal information other than in accordance with this policy or any applicable law. For example, you may be asked to “opt in” to receive further information or communications from our advertisers and supporters which do not fall into one of the categories described above.

You will generally be given the opportunity to “opt out” from receiving communications from us or from third parties that send communications to you in accordance with this policy. For example, you will be given the option to unsubscribe from e-newsletters and other marketing or promotional material sent by us. You may “opt out” from receiving these communications by, for example, clicking on an unsubscribe link at the end of an email.

If you receive communications purporting to be connected with DIA or our services that you believe have been sent to you other than in accordance with this policy, or in breach of any law, please write to us at

How does Darwin International Airport use your personal information?

Personal Information collected by DIA is generally used in any of the following ways:
• To help us develop, improve, manage and administer the services we provide to you.
• To ensure that our business systems are functional and reliable, which may include fulfilling legal obligations.
• To process applications effectively for the issue of authorities, licenses, passes, permissions and permits (including ADAs, ASICs, and other identification cards).
• To assess whether or not any authorities, licenses, passes, permissions and permits should be cancelled or suspended.
• To conduct marketing activities including market research.
• As part of the investigation and analysis of incidents or occurrences (including potential incidents and occurrences) which occur on or at DIA.
• To investigate