Pick up and Drop off

Pick up and Drop off Areas

Darwin International Airport has separate designated areas for the pick up and drop off of passengers.

An express lane in front of the terminal is for drop off only. A two-minute time limit applies to all drivers dropping off passengers in this lane. Drivers must remain with their vehicle at all times for safety and security reasons.  

The Short Stay car park provides 15 minutes FREE parking for the pick up of passengers. Drivers collect a ticket when entering the car park and will not be charged at the exit if they leave within 15 minutes from the time of entry.

How do I get my 15 minutes free?

Take a ticket from the car park entry station, park your car in a designated bay and exit within 15 minutes by putting the same ticket into the exit station. There is no need to validate your ticket at a Pay Station in the terminal if you exit within 15 minutes.

If you stay over 15 minutes, you will need to enter the terminal to pay for parking. Click below for more information.

Passenger Pick-up - More Info