AXIS 12°130°

AXISDarwin is poised to host a groundbreaking new retail, commercial and lifestyle venture – and visionary business entrepreneurs have the chance to become part of it. The Airport Development Group of companies is the architect of this exciting commercial development on 60 hectares of vacant land close to the city’s residential and business heart.

Indeed, the venture’s special X-factor is its urban habitat setting. AXIS 12°130° presents an enviable balance of work and lifestyle concepts dotted throughout an inspiring landscape. The exhilarating sense of space, prestige and functionality in this precinct is unrivalled anywhere in the Northern Territory.

AXIS 12°130° emphasises a balance of the natural and built environments, a perfect mix of amenities in a special place where people can meet, relax and go about their business. Alfresco cafes, onsite childcare facilities, gyms, spacious parking and bicycle and walking tracks are just a taste of its unique selling points.


A collective space

The special X-factor of the AXIS 12°130° concept is the mix of retail, corporate and leisure outlets all hubbed within verdant conservation corridors and distinctive landscaping treatments that blend with the surrounding natural bushland. Add to this a vibrant collection of water features, public meeting places and modern onsite amenities, that immerse both inhabitants and visitors within its unique urban habitat experience.

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