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Car Park Options

Darwin International Airport has three car parks that operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Compare rates using the Parking Calculator.

Short Stay 
The Short Stay car park is located directly in front of the Terminal building. Car park entrances are located on the Henry Wrigley Drive approach to the terminal, and along the public drop off lane. Parking is FREE for the first 15 minutes to allow easy pick up and drop off of passengers.

To access the Short Stay car park, use the main entry (the first available entry) on Henry Wrigley Drive. There is another entrance further along Henry Wrigley Drive in front of the terminal; use the right-hand lane and you will see the boom gate entry on your right.

Long Stay Plus
The Long Stay Plus car park is located 200 metres walking distance from the Terminal Building, adjacent to the car rental facility. The car park entrance is located on the western side of the Terminal Building. During peak periods such as holidays, the Long Stay Plus can reach capacity in which case drivers can proceed to the Long Stay Saver car park on Pedersen Rd. 

Long Stay Saver
The 487 bay Long Stay Saver car park is located on Pedersen Road and caters for customers in the nearby Slade Court general aviation precinct, as well as a reduced-cost long term parking option for passengers using the Terminal. There is a free shuttle available to take you to the terminal, or the walking distance is 450 metres along a marked undercover footpath. The Long Stay Saver car park is a great option for travellers heading away for longer periods of time, with seven days of parking available for $69.

Please note that car parking spaces at each car park are subject to availability; online booking and pre-booking services for are not currently available at Darwin International Airport.

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Car Park Locations

Car Park Payment

Cash is not accepted at the exit machines.

How to Pay
On entering the car park you will receive a ticket from the machine at the entry gate. Take this ticket with you when you leave your vehicle, and pay at one of the pay stations located on the ground floor of the terminal or within the Long Stay Saver before returning to your vehicle to exit the car park.  As you leave the car park, insert the paid ticket into the exit station and the boom gate will open and you may exit. Alternatively, you can pay at an exit station using your credit card only. As you leave the car park, insert the ticket you received when entering the carpark into the exit station. On the screen it will display the amount you owe for parking.  Insert your credit card into the station. Once your credit card has been accepted a receipt is produced and the boom gate will open and you may exit.

Parking costs are calculated from your time of entry into the car park.

15 Minutes Free Parking

Take a ticket from the car park entry station, park your car in a designated bay and exit within 15 minutes by putting the same ticket into the exit station. There is no need to validate your ticket at a Pay Station in the terminal if you exit within 15 minutes.

If you stay over 15 minutes, you will need to enter the terminal to pay for parking.

Tax Invoices
A tax invoice/receipt is not automatically generated at the paystations. If you require a tax invoice, please select the ‘Receipt’ button on the paystation after you have inserted your entry pass. A Tax Invoice will be generated for all credit card payments made at an exit gate.

Lost Tickets
If you have lost your entry ticket press the intercom button on the paystation. You will need to provide proof of car park entry date by producing your boarding pass or other documentation such as a travel itinerary. If you cannot show any documentation initially, you will be required to pay a minimum $200.00 lost pass fee by selecting "Lost Ticket" on the pay station. Copies of appropriate documentation can then be mailed to PO Box 40996 Casuarina NT 0811 or provided by email to We will then refund the difference between the lost ticket fee paid and the amended calculation (note that a receipt for the lost ticket payment must be included in the documentation provided).

Download the Lost Ticket Refund Form (PDF)

Disabled Parking
A number of designated disabled car park spaces are conveniently located on either side of the pedestrian walkways within the Short Stay and at the entrance of the Long Stay Plus car park.

Customers with a disbility may still choose to park for long term periods in the Short Stay car park. Customers will need to pay the short term rates initially and obtain a tax invoice/receipt for the paid parking charge. The receipt and a copy of the relevant ACROD permit can then be mailed to PO Box 40996 Casuarina NT 0811 or by email to We will then refund the difference between the parking charge paid and the long term parking calculation.

Disabled Drop Off
The disabled drop-off bay is located at the departures end of the drop-off zone. Currently we are also trialling this bay as a disabled pick-up point. Vehicles must not be left unattended at any time. The Short Stay car park has eight designated disabled car park spaces on either side of the pedestrian walkways, directly adjacent to the terminal entrance, for use if you need to leave the car unattended.

Where and how do I pay parking infringements?
Parking Infringement Notices (PINs) can be paid by posting a cheque or money order payable to Darwin International Airport Pty Ltd to PO Box 40996 Casuarina NT 0811, or by telephone (credit card payments) on 61 8 8920 1811. Payment by telephone may be made between 8.30am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday (except public holidays).

If you are the registered owner of a motor vehicle and believe you have been unduly served with a PIN, application for a rescindment can be downloaded below. Completed applications should be returned to or PO Box 40996, Casuarina NT 0811.

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