Aerobridge Training

Darwin International Airport use passenger aerobridges on four bays on our Regular Public Transport (RPT) Apron. These aerobridges enable passengers to board and disembark easily and efficiently and allow for the safe transfer of passengers between the aircraft and the airport terminal without being affected by weather conditions. They also improve security by limiting access to aprons and operational areas.

These aerobridges are common-use facilities and may only be operated by personnel who are authorised employees of airlines or ground handling agents. Certification as an Aerobridge Operator is restricted to those persons who will be required to regularly operate aerobridges as part of their job function and have successfully completed aerobridge operations training and assessment and certified as competent to operate each type of aerobridge.


To receive certification as an Aerobridge Operator you are required to demonstrate a theoretical and practical understanding of the procedures, you will be required to do the following:

  • Complete the initial Aerobridge Practical Training Record signed by an Authorised Aerobridge Trainer
  • Complete the Online Aerobridge Induction and Assessment

Training will be undertaken in general operating procedures as well as specific local procedures that apply. The trainee will be assessed as competent or not competent by the company’s Authorised Trainer over three dockings for an arriving aircraft, and three retractions for a departing aircraft.

Below are the Practical Training Records to be completed during the initial training process:

During training and prior to the online induction and assessment, you will be required to read and understand the Aerobridge Operating Guide and Procedures.

Following completion of Practical Training, the candidate must pass an Online Induction and Assessment in order to be deemed competent.  Upon successfully completing all the training requirements, candidates must present a signed copy of the Practical Training Record and Online Assessment to the terminal control centre, certification will then be granted at the discretion of Darwin International Airport. The operators Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC) will be validated with the appropriate aerobridge control access.

Click below to Register for the Aerobridge Induction and Assessment 

Register for Induction

Please do not register for an Induction if you have applied to DIA for your ASIC- we will register you automatically once your ASIC is approved.

We will send you an email with your username and password and a link to the induction within 72 hours.

Aerobridge Operator certification is valid for two (2) years from date of training. Refresher training is to be completed every two years via the Online Induction and Assessment process.