Crane Operations

Crane operations within the vicinity (20kms) of Darwin Aerodrome have the potential to create air safety hazards and may affect airport operations. To protect Darwin Airport’s airspace, all crane activities are required by law to be assessed and approved under the Commonwealth Airports (Protection of Airspace) Regulations 1996 before they can be carried out.

As a crane operator it is an offence under Section 183 of the Airports Act 1996 to carry out, without approval, crane operations which intrude into airport’s protected airspace, it is also an offence not to give information to the Airport of proposed crane activity.

This form is to be completed and submitted 24hrs prior to crane operations being carried out in the vicinity of Darwin International Airport.


Darwin aerodrome has four zones to assist you in deciding if notification to Darwin International Airport is required prior to crane activity taking place. The four zones are:

Zone 1

Within RED area - Take-off & Approach Critical Areas – DIA must be notified of ALL crane operations.

Zone 2

Within the BLACK area - Inner Horizontal Surface – DIA must be notified of all crane activity exceeding 20M AGL.

Zone 3

Within the BLUE area - Conical Surface – DIA must be notified of all crane activity exceeding 40M AGL.

Zone 4

Remaining area outside the blue area and within 20km of the aerodrome - Outer Horizontal Surface– DIA must be notified of all crane activity exceeding 80M AGL.

For further information please contact the Operations Department on:
T: (08) 8920 1852

If you are unsure of the GPS Coordinates of the crane activity or you wish to provide DIA with further site information please use the below map to mark your exact crane location (please ensure you have submitted a Crane Operations Permit Application first).

Crane Operations Map