Drug and Alcohol Management

The Civil Aviation Safety Regulation (CASR) Part 99 Drug and Alcohol Management Plans and Testing came into effect on 23 March 2009. This legislation applies to all those deemed to undertake regular Safety Sensitive Aviation Activities (SSAA) and/or required to work airside at Darwin International Airport (DIA).

The prime requirement of CASR Part 99 is for organisations to either have and comply with their own Drug and Alcohol Management Plan (DAMP) or elect to be compliant with another organisation’s DAMP due to contractual arrangements. A key component of this legislation is the requirement for pre-deployment/employment testing for alcohol and other drugs.

Pre-deployment/employment testing for alcohol and other drugs is a requirement for those undertaking a role as a regular SSAA employee under CASR Part 99 99.010 and/or are required to undertake airside work at DIA (regular SSAA employee means a SSAA employee who is reasonably likely to perform an applicable SSAA at least 2 or more times every 90 days).

Alcohol and other drug pre-deployment/employment testing must be undertaken less than 90 days prior to becoming a regular SSAA employee and the test result must be negative.

To download and view the NT Airports Drug and Alcohol Management Plan (DAMP) please click on the below link:

Contractors who do not have a CASA approved DAMP can operate under the NTA DAMP, they will however require a NTA DAMP induction and will still be subject to alcohol and other drugs pre-demployment testing. For further information please contact the DIA Aerodrome Safety & Standards Manager Bob Calaby on:

T: (08) 8920 1851
E: bob.calaby@ntairports.com.au